Motor Power on Wheel2500W, 72V Brushless Motor
Battery72V/40Ah*1 (Li-Ion)
Charger10 A (Li-Ion)
Charging Time3-4 Hrs
Max Speed 65Kmph
Range110 - 120 Km
Ground Clearance175 mm
Tyre3.0- 12 Tubeless (Front/Rear)
 Key FeatureKeyless Start,Brake Down Smart Assistance System,Push Start/Stop Button,Anti-theft Alarm, Parking Switch (Safety)
ColourBlue ,Black, Purple
Available Banks For Loan
 Credit Fair, Bajaj EMI Card, Mannapuram Finance,Liqui Loans, Loantap
Does Aura Model need Registration?

Yes. Aura Needs Registration

5 Years Insurance is also compulsory. This vehicle is like any other Petrol Vehicle. It requires License, Registration, Insurance, Helmet etc.. If you are looking for non-registration model, click "Without License" Models at the top. 

Who is Aura suitable for? Is it the right vehicles for me?

If Aura is not suitable for you, then no electric vehicle is suitable for you :-)

It is our top model scooter currently. It can go about 65 Km/hr and can go about 100-120 Kms Per charge. Also, You can charge the lithium ion batteries in between for sometime and go even more Kms. This is really tall, and feels and rides like any petrol scooter (Infact feels better than petrol scooter). Also, Remember you are spending only 5 Rupees for EB for every 100 Rupees you spend for Petrol. 

How to charge the battery in Aura Model?

Aura has removable Lithium Ion Battery.

You can directly connect plug point under the seat and charge the vehicle directly. Also, you can remove the battery, take it home and charge it. You can do it both ways. 

Does this vehicle have Reverse button?


Unfortunately, Aura Model does not have Reverse button

How much electricity (Current Bill) does Aura cost for each charge?

3.5 Units. Approximately 18 Rupees.

Aura consumes 3.5 Units of Current for each full charge (From Empty to Full)

Is there a side stand sensor in Aura Model?


Aura comes with side stand sensor. Vehicle will not move until we retract sidestand. 

Do Electric Vehicles have CC (Like 100 CC or 125 CC)?

No. Electric Vehicles don't have engine. So, there is no CC.

Electric Vehicle power is measured in Watts, or Kilo Watts or Horsepower of the motor. For example, our top model, Aura vehicle has about 2500 watts of Peak Power (3.3 HP)

Do Electric Vehicles require Number Plate and License?

No and Yes. There are both models. 

In Electric Vehicles, there are both registration and non-registration models. Each has its own benefits. Please select according to your needs. 

What is the benefit of switching to Electric Vehicle from Petrol Vehicle?

Lots and Lots and Lots of Benefits.

There are lot of benefits of switching to Electric Vehicle. You, personally, can save lot of money. India can save lot of dollars in foreign currency. And above everything, Our Environment can be pollution free.

How much can I save by switching to Electric Vehicle?

If you spend 100 Rs in petrol vehicle, you can save 95 Rs in Electric Vehicle.

We have a nice calculator. It can tell you how much you can save in money based on your daily average kilometers, and petrol cost. You can check it here (How much can I Save?)

Can Electric Vehicles go in slopes, flyovers and bridges?

Yes. They have good torque(Pickup)

In Electric Vehicles, Speed only is Less. But Torque(Pick up) is high. So, they can easily climb flyovers and bridges even with load. Try test drive of one of our vehicles. You will also realize this. 

What is the top speed of your models?

65-70 Km/hr

We have one scooter that can go 65 Km/hr. This is good for 95% of our customers. If this speed is enough for you, then you should definitely switch to Electric Vehicle. It has lot of benefits for you, our country and for the environment. 

Can I Put Load in Electric Vehicles?

Again. Torque

Yes. Electric Vehicles have good torque. Most of the vehicles can pull 150-180 Kgs easily. You should test drive one of our vehicles. 

How to pick the best or right vehicle for me?

We can help. 

In petrol vehicle, we look for mileage, CC, price etc.. But in Electric vehicle, we need to see 1. How much distance do we travel each day 2. How much speed do we need?  3. How fast do we want the battery to charge etc.. One of our sales person can explain this to you very well. Please visit our showroom and we will be happy to select the right vehicle for you. Don't worry. If we do not have the right vehicle for you, we will honestly tell you. 

Can Electric Vehicles be washed with water?


 Electric Vehicles can be washed with water. Most of the Electric Componenets are water proof. But Fiber body cannot take high pressure water hose. 

Do Electric Vehicles have resale value?

It will take some time

Electric Vehicle Market is just now evolving. It will definitely have resale valur in future. But presently, don’t look at resale value. Please look at how much money it can save you in its lifetime. Its not like petrol vehicle. Total Scooter money can be easily saved through savings from petrol

What is the maintenance cost of Electric Vehicles

Much much cheaper than Petrol Vehicle Maintenance

Honestly, there are not many maintenance components in Electric Vehicle. Compared to Petrol Vehicle, your Electric Vehicle maintenance would be less than 20%

Is Electric Vehicle good for rainy season?


If Electric Vehicle cannot be used in rain, Electric Vehicles would not become this famous. All our models are water proof. 

Do You have any Fast Charger?

Don't Try Fast Chargers

Lithium Ion Batteries already come with fast charging. If we charge it even faster with any fast charger, it will reduce battery life time. So, please use the charger that company gives. Don’t use any fast charger

What if my non-registered vehicle is stolen?

Insure the vehicle.

Please remember. Non-registered vehicle is like a home appliance. Please insure it. 

Still have questions ?

Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you convert to Electric